Co-authored paper published in Molecular and Cell Biology

zmb9991010750004.epsA manuscript on which Shaun collaborated with Garam (Celine) Han and other members of Frank Pugh’s and Ross Hardison’s labs has been published. “Genome-wide organization of Gata1 and Tal1 determined at high resolution” appears in Molecular and Cell Biology. In the paper, Garam has used ChIP-exo to determine the positional organization of Gata1 and Tal1 across the mouse genome during erythroid development. Careful analysis of the ChIP-exo crosslinking patterns reflect positional arrangement within a complex. Garam shows that TAL1 and GATA1 form a precisely organized complex at a compound motif consisting of a TG 7 or 8 bp upstream of a WGATAA motif across thousands of genomic locations.

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